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Love is a disease we don't want to heal.
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Lea, 16. Montreal, Canada. I'm a lover of music and tv shows + I believe in happy endings.
If you wanna talk, i'm there no matter what if you need someone, my ask is always open. Remember that you're not alone, life can be beautiful.
Welcome to my blog, enjoy :)


if u don’t like Hufflepuffs then u must not like acceptance, honesty, equality, loyalty, easy kitchen access and lovely cozy hobbit holes and if u don’t like any of those things then u must be a very sad person and i will invite u into our cozy badger tunnel and nab u some cauldron cakes and butterbeer from the kitchens next door and listen to ur troubles until u feel a lil less sad

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The worst part about being there for everybody is that no one ever bothers to ask if you’re okay or not

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